Invaluable Choices – ForestOne Announces EuroCucina Round 7 A&D Trade Competition Winners

Dedicated to making conscious material choices, Grainne Devlin at Design & Co and Jessica Borgeaud at Jackson Teece have been recognised as ForestOne’s Specified Responsibly EuroCucina Trade Competition for October. With their use of EGGER’s wood-based décor products and dedication to specifying responsibly, Grainne and Jessica have gone in the draw for a chance to win the 2024 Grand Prize of a trip for two to EuroCucina in Milan, Italy.

Through the use of EGGER’s wood décor products, Grainne and Jessica have uplifted each of their projects with considerate material choices. Alongside the help of their ForestOne representatives, as well as the desire to use more sustainable materials, the winners exemplify diligent and responsible specification. For a full apartment renovation, located in New Farm, Queensland, Grainne employed Natural Carini Walnut panels. While Jessica used Natural Kendal Oak to imbue a warm and welcoming aesthetic for end users throughout her project, the Opal Aged Care facility.

For Project Caravelle, Grainne renovated a full apartment for her clients who were downsizing from a large acreage home to an inner city apartment. Complemented with an expansive terrace overlooking New Farm Park, Grainne’s clients “wanted to emphasise the botanical feel inside, adding hints of elegant English and Parisian charm,” says Grainne. “As a couple, they embrace colour and texture [which allowed] us as designers to be creative with our choice of finishes.” She continues. Specifying the Natural Carini Walnut throughout the clients internal robes and ensuite joinery, “the timber tones perfectly emulate the warm timbers in the neighbouring parkland and help to bring the feeling of nature indoors,” she says.  Furthermore, as the two spaces were some of the more utilised spaces within the home, Grainne wanted to specify a durable, scratch resistant product that was also sustainable. Moreover, as the product had “a certain tactility that feels natural and earthy to touch,” Grainne explains, she knew it was the perfect choice for these areas.

Placing a responsibility upon herself and the design firm she works for – Design & Co –Grainne ensures that both parties have a huge responsibility in creating lasting designs. “Not only should our designs create a space for the most comfortable and aesthetically beautiful habitat for our clients,” Grainne says, “but everything we specify is functional and fit for purpose.” Moreso, everything Grainne, and Design & Co, specify they consider where the item has come from and what they can do with it at the end. “We always try to choose products which will impact positively towards the environment and be kind to our land,” Grainne highlights. Always striving to utilise as many recycled products as possible, Grainne selects EGGER products due to its many sustainable advantages. While working with ForestOne specification representatives, it is the knowledge in which they pass down to Grainne who can then share and educate her own clients that is invaluable.

“We always try to choose products which will impact positively towards the environment and be kind to our land,” Grainne highlights.

Working with a prominent aged care provider on two new facilities in Brisbane’s inner-city suburbs, Jessica at Jackson Teece has catered towards the needs of elderly residents who require continuous care. “Recognising the significance of a personal touch, our design philosophy revolves around creating spaces that resonate intimately with each resident,” says Jessica. For this particular project “we have provided areas that foster communities, from a ‘town centre’ on ground level, to smaller neighbourhoods for residents on their own level which connects to their own room.” By selecting EGGER’s Natural Kendal Oak laminate, Jessica was able align the brands ethos with Jackson Teece’s values and feel confident putting forward a product that will be retained through the tender process.

Focused on building upon the foundations of purpose and longevity, Jessica has always considerate to both the end user and environment when it comes to material selections. “Using products that are sustainable and quality made encourages the end user to value the design and want to retain it for years to come,” Jessica explains. Furthermore, Jessica believes that there is still a long way to go with educating clients when the bottom line is dollar driven. “Aligning ourselves with products and suppliers [like ForestOne] that can satisfy both a sustainable product while maintaining a relative price point is where we aim to align ourselves,” Jessica explains. Thankful to her ForestOne representative, Kellie Cross, Jessica and the team at Jackson Teece were kept informed of the latest products and offered comprehensive insights into the companies sustainability practices. “This ensures that when we make specifications we are not just choosing a finish; we are selecting a product that goes beyond aesthetics, contributing to a more sustainable and promising future,” Jessica says.

“Using products that are sustainable and quality made encourages the end user to value the design and want to retain it for years to come,” Jessica explains.

With each of their projects, Grainne and Jessica have chosen materials that not only add value to but also are considerate to both environment and the end users. Moreover, with the help from their ForestOne representatives, both winners are given invaluable insights into the companies sustainability practices in which they can then educate their own clients.

Author: Brett Winchester
Photography: Josef Ruckli |

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