ForestOne Announces EuroCucina Round 9 A&D Trade Competition Winners

Dedicated to making conscious material choices, Anny Lim of CK Architecture and Tara Wallington of Studio Collective have been recognised in ForestOne’s Specified Responsibly EuroCucina Trade Competition for December. By using EGGER’s wood-based decor products and Specifying Responsibly, Anny and Tara have gone into the draw for a chance to win the 2024 Grand Prize of a trip for two to EuroCucina in Milan, Italy.

By using EGGER’s wood decor products, Anny and Tara have shown considerate material choices throughout both of their projects. Refurbishing two buildings for one of Canberra’s main utility providers, Anny employed Tyrolean Blue U504 ST9 decorative board, while Tara used the Natural Kendal Oak H3170 ST12 decor panel to bring calming interior characteristics to a luxurious retirement village.

To refurbish two Icon Water offices, Anny combined contemporary and natural elements to create a harmonious workspace. “The project aims to optimise the functionality of the office space to accommodate the needs of around 100 staff members,” says Anny. The building’s internal bush-hammered 1970s brutalist concrete walls played a “vital role in shaping the overall interior design aesthetic”, along with the abundant nature that surrounds the site, which “inspired colour palettes and material choices throughout the interior”.

A key consideration was sustainability, with a focus on employing eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient design solutions. “The interior design incorporates sustainable practices, utilising recycled and locally sourced materials to minimise environmental impact,” she says. Anny acknowledges that she chose to work with ForestOne because of the company’s “commitment to a closed material cycle, aligning with the project’s sustainability goals. ForestOne’s dedication to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes resonates with the project’s eco-conscious approach.”

Anny and, in turn, CK Architecture, believe in “creating spaces that foster environmental consciousness for the people who inhabit them, aligning with our vision of human-centric design,” she says.

She attributes her success in choosing the correct materials for the project to her specification representative Annette Fanna’s extensive knowledge of ForestOne’s products. “Annette’s expertise has been invaluable, as she is consistently available to address any queries as well as provide insights into the responsible and sustainable attributes of ForestOne’s offerings.”

“ForestOne’s dedication to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes resonates with the project’s eco-conscious approach.”

Approached by a long-term client to create an atmosphere of tranquillity and sophistication for an over-50s retirement village, Tara and the team at Studio Collective used EGGER materials to rejuvenate an array of premium facilities. “For this project, our objective was to create a visually stunning design while upholding our commitment to environmental awareness,” Tara explains. Throughout the design process, Tara employed EGGER products to establish “a fresh benchmark for excellence”.

To create a visually stunning design while also upholding her commitment to the environment, Tara chose the EGGER range. Not only is it highly sustainable but it also presented “a diverse array of colours and timber grain options, offering numerous opportunities for the project,” she says. For the clubhouse space, Tara used Natural Kendal Oak on the cabinetry throughout, creating a warm and inviting ambience. In the lounge areas, she opted for EGGER Apricot Nude U232 ST9 and EGGER Natural Carini Walnut H3710 ST12 panels, both of which help to boost the village’s overall aesthetic.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Studio Collective’s work. “As designers, we hold the responsibility of crafting designs that will withstand the test of time, prioritising the use of ethically sourced and durable materials,” she says. The studio is committed to incorporating sustainable design principles across various sectors, including hotels, hospitality, luxury retirement living and residential homes. “This commitment involves a thoughtful consideration of environmental impact, guiding the design process towards a more ecological approach,” explains Tara.

“For this project, our objective was to create visually stunning designs while upholding our commitment to environmental awareness.”

Dedicated to finding environmentally friendly materials for their projects, Anny and Tara have exemplified responsible specification with their choice of EGGER. Now in the draw of ForestOne’s Specified Responsibly EuroCucina Trade Competition with like-minded designers and architects, the December winners encourage others to follow their lead and Specify Responsibly.

Author: Brett Winchester
Photography: Cieran Murphy |
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