Conscious Selections – ForestOne Announces EuroCucina Round Three A&D Trade Competition Winners

Through their conscious selections, interior designer Philip Bugden of ThomsonAdsett and Julia Tamatea of Bearspace have each won ForestOne’s Specified Responsibly EuroCucina Trade Competition for the month of June. By using EGGER’s wood-based décor products, Philip and Julia have entered the draw for a chance to win the 2024 Grand Prize of a trip for two to EuroCucina in Milan, Italy.

Selected for their exemplary use of EGGER products, Philip and Julia showcase the importance of specifying materials that promote a circular economy. With the help of their ForestOne representatives, each winner proves that the right material can uplift any interior space. The EGGER Natural Kendal Oak was used to enhance Philip’s multiple projects, whilst Julia chose EGGER’s Natural Halifax Oak to supply an authentic finish to her project.

Approached by Renascent to complete multiple projects for the Nine Group, Philip refurbished the 4BC radio station, including the newsroom. Having used several EGGER products previously, Philip expresses that he often returns to the timber-look laminates – in this case, the Natural Kendal Oak. “We look to biophilic design at ThomsonAdsett to connect our commercial spaces with the natural environment and provide a better health outcome for the users,” he explains. “The timber-look laminates that EGGER décor provides fit the bill for a lot of our projects.”

Philip and his team are always searching for new ways to reach more sustainable outcomes, “from specifying products that have inherently more sustainable properties to working closely to standardised sheet sizes [and] creating designs that will work for longer periods of time,” he says. As such, working with ForestOne has helped Philip meet these aspirations to create more striking and lasting designs that feel timeless. “We rely heavily on our sales reps to be able to deliver our projects,” says Philip. “Kellie has been fantastic as our representative, providing technical information, pricing, sampling and confirming stock availability for our short lead-time projects.”

Having used several EGGER products previously, Philip expresses that he often returns to the timber-look laminates – in this case, the Natural Kendal Oak.

Tasked with designing five spec suites on one floor, Julia from Bearspace wanted to create spaces that fostered a sense of mindfulness. As such, Julia put forward a design proposal that reinterpreted the Japanese tradition of Shinrin-Yoku – the therapeutic act of forest bathing, brought to life through the inclusion of EGGER materials. Embracing ergonomic design, Julia employs materials that create a connection to the natural environment. “These are seen in the finishes,” she says. “The majority of the materials chosen has recyclable and sustainability at the forefront of the product.” Included in suite one’s boardroom is EGGER’s Grey Cipollino Marble laminate, whilst in suite two, the EGGER Natural Carini Walnut laminate finish is used for the boardroom tabletop. Additionally, EGGER’s Diamond Grey laminate finish was chosen for suite five’s workstations.

As well as embracing a connection to the natural environment, Julia remains conscious of her own impact on the ecosystem. “It is becoming more prominent in everything we are doing and an important dimension we need to consider for our designs,” says Julia. Furthermore, Julia understands that it is the job of a designer to design ergonomically. “We put a lot of thought into how our designs will impact the people who interact with them,” Julia explains. Extending this thought process into how it will impact users in the long-term, Julia has incorporated natural elements into each spec suite to create a more balanced, harmonious, rhythmic and comfortable space for tenants. “We designated where these areas were to accentuate the different functions of each office space,” Julia clarifies. “This integration with the design assists in creating energised spaces, which are exciting for the tenants, [whilst also] encouraging and attracting people back into the office.”

Embracing ergonomic design, Julia employs materials that create a connection to the natural environment.

Through Philip and Julia’s selection of EGGER materials, both winners have showcased how the right product can uplift a project and the end user’s experience. Moreover, ForestOne has guided and supported the winners’ selections with informed knowledge as well as around-the-clock help when needed.

Author: Brett Winchester
Photography: Cieran Murphy |
ThomsonAdsett |
Bearspace |

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