August Winners – Teachable Selections – Specified Responsibly A&D Trade Promotion by ForestOne

Galvin Residence by Amanda Monaghan at Interior Concepts and Downlands College by Kate Tempest at Thomson Adsett provide positive examples of sustainable material specification. The winners of ForestOne’s Specified Responsibly A&D Trade Promotion have used EGGER’s sustainable wood-based products throughout each of their designs – automatically entering them into the 2023 Grand Prize draw to win a trip for two to Interzum, held in Cologne, Germany.

With sustainability in mind, Amanda endeavoured to create a comfortable home for her family. Initially, she considered the prospect of completely rebuilding, but instead chose to renovate and extend. From treating existing timber, reusing removed bricks and installing double-glazed windows to help reduce heating and cooling usage, she repurposed as much as possible. After making the decision to keep the original 1960s house and add an extension, Amanda established a clear divide by showcasing both the historical and modern aspects of the home. Employing sustainable, durable and easy-to-maintain materials, Amanda enlisted the help of ForestOne, whose representatives recommended EGGER materials. With a ForestOne showroom in Victoria, she was able to inspect the material selection and chose from the PerfectSense range, finding a “fantastic solution with their range of carbon-negative EGGER boards.” In turn, the provided materials offered a timeless look whilst being highly functional for a busy household.

Meanwhile, Kate’s Downlands College brief outlined the creation of a warm and welcoming environment that maintained a link to the school’s origins. She designed sustainable additions for the prep to grade four general learning areas, admin building, library, canteen and a multipurpose space for the junior primary cohort. Based in Toowoomba, Downlands College is an independent Catholic coeducational school with origins dating back to 1931. Aspiring to provide the school’s design with a modern uplift, Kate onboarded her own sustainability ethos as part of her approach. Kate has employed EGGER materials that will help students see sustainable design in action. “Using sustainable materials and design can be used as a teaching experience,” Kate enthuses. Working with ForestOne, Kate was able to enact her sustainability values. Promoting the health of students and teachers, Kate’s employment of EGGER materials throughout Downlands College has continued the discussion of specifying responsibly in public spaces.

From providing teachable moments at Downlands College to carbon-negative options for Galvin Residence, the importance of building with sustainable materials in private and public spaces is emphasised by both Amanda and Kate. Recognised by ForestOne’s Specified Responsibly Trade Promotion, both project’s use of EGGER exemplify the art of sustainable specifying.

Employing sustainable, durable and easy-to-maintain materials, Amanda enlisted the help of ForestOne, whose representatives recommended EGGER materials.

Author: Brett Winchester
Photographer: Tim Allen |

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